DataBrowser provides an intranet solution for managing data in databases. Users can retreive all kind of reports, as well as edit the data in the databases. Both the reports and the input-screens can be defined through the webinterface itself. Also links between tables in the database are supported.

The complete package is written in PHP with MySQL as the database-server. Installation should be possible on almost any system supporting PHP and MySQL.

Databrowser is aimed to be suitable for any browser that supports frames, CSS and Javascript. It is tested on:

  1. Mozilla Firefox

  2. Internet Explorer

  3. Internet Explorer on Pocket PC/Windows Mobile

Not all features are working 100% on the mobile yet. For desktop computers we recommend Firefox. 


Newest stable public release of Databrowser is version 0.4.

As single contributor to this project I've decided to do further development in the private company Lipronics b.v.. If you're interested in a commercial application of Databrowser please contact me at Lipronics.

Ivo Mans, Aug 2008

What is new in 0.4


What was new in 0.3:

Downloadable throught the 'Releases' link.



Now available in the CVS and Snapshot version:


Implemented to determine which users may edit data

To try this:

  1. Download the latest version from CVS or snapshot

  2. Go to ZZZusers: verify that you've got at least 'admin' in the usrgroup field, give some other users some groups as you like

  3. Go to ZZZtables and fill in a value for EditCond. As soon as a character is entered in the EditCond field, the EditLevel field is ignored for that particular table.

  4. Optionally go also to ZZZfields and fill in some values for EditCond. This field will prevent editing certain fields from a table depending on the specified condition. Syntax same as for ZZZtables. User should fullfill both conditions in ZZZtables and ZZZfields to be allowed to edit a field. If left empty only the ZZZtables definition is used.

Still work in progress…